Aaron Domini, OHM Advisors
Aaron Domini

Aaron’s vision is integral to the firm’s planning projects across both urban and suburban communities. He has led comprehensive and strategic plans, vision plans, corridor and transportation projects, and streetscape designs with a keen focus on building deeper community ties and promoting new economic and private investment opportunities for the firm’s clients.

Prior to his work with OHM Advisors, Aaron served as a public sector planning administrator, which contributes both to his savvy ability to create plans and codes that are easily understood and implemented, and his commitment to public input. He excels at including citizens at the heart of the planning process in every project—leading and facilitating public participation to build stewardship, consensus, and support, and to yield plans rooted in a healthy balance of market realities with community values and aspirations.

A planner with more than 20 years of experience, Aaron serves as an Adjunct Professor at The Ohio State University Knowlton School of Architecture. He has presented widely at conferences on creating important public-private development partnerships, developing unique community engagement practices that reach community members in their own spaces, and on historic and urban revitalization with a focus on placemaking.

As planners, we have a responsibility to help stabilize cities—the places we call home, and where our friends and families live. Cities that were built around industry that has moved overseas or where population has shifted and tax bases are dropping, with vacant downtowns... that requires us to think differently for our clients and communities. We owe them that.

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