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Water—we all need it. Whether it’s drinking water, stormwater, or wastewater, its effective management, collection, treatment, optimization and distribution are essential to a healthy environment and improving people’s lives.

For more than 50 years, OHM Advisors’ architects, engineers, and planners have helped communities and businesses within communities manage their water and wastewater management needs, protect their precious water resources and plan for the future. Along the way, we’ve secured more than $250 million from various funding sources to assist with these initiatives and become recognized as leaders in the field. We’ve helped our clients dream big and solve challenging problems through technological innovation and creativity. But most importantly, we’ve helped to build healthier communities—a fact which makes us proud and continues to inspire our work.

Markets Served

  • Cities, villages and townships
  • Utility authority organizations
  • Water and wastewater treatment plants
  • Industrial water and wastewater facilities
  • Park authorities

In the Works

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Water Services

Stormwater Management

Nature’s resources are finite. The protection and restoration of precious water resources and delicate ecological systems is the focus of our watershed management and green infrastructure design team. We can take the lead on a variety of stormwater challenges including utilities design, streambank stabilization projects, wetland delineation and mitigation and more—assisting with your project’s permitting, funding, analysis and design.

Drinking Water

Water sustains life on this planet and clean, safe drinking water is essential for all. Our experts deliver proven water supply, treatment and distribution engineering services, applying new technologies at every turn. We’re passionate about water quality and help communities navigate contaminants and the issues that come with them—from understanding what they are and where they come from, to interpreting and implementing governmental regulations, to communicating with residents and stakeholders about treatment, safety and other mitigating efforts.


Innovation is the backbone of our wastewater practice and is built into each and every project, resulting in practical solutions that deliver environmental benefits. Our talented wastewater and industrial wastewater professionals work with communities and private industry clients alike to design high-performance facilities, create strategic long-range infrastructure management plans, provide treatment and optimization solutions, and everything in between.


And whether the project is municipal or industrial, our experts design solutions built on the three pillars of sustainability—economic, environmental and social values—because sustainable solutions create thriving and vibrant businesses and communities.

Asset Management

Managing your community’s water assets is critical to preserving its lifespan and providing for present and future customers. Our team partners with your community to help you determine when your assets should be repaired or replaced and associated project costs. We’ll help craft a plan specific to your community that proceeds through thoughtful, researched steps; optimizes your current spending; and engages community leaders in important funding discussions to achieve infrastructure improvement goals.

We don’t offer ‘one-size-fits-all’ solutions to our clients. I thrive on getting to know a community as a trusted advisor, understanding its challenges, and tailoring a customized stormwater management solution that fulfills the client’s goals and impacts the greater good.

Nancy Russell
Project Engineer

Working with water is energizing! There is always a bigger picture at play since it is vital for life – and that is something each team member at OHM Advisors relates to.

Lambrina Tercala
Project Manager

OHM Advisors promotes forward thinking and using our talents collaboratively to help our clients with their challenges. It's rewarding to create innovative solutions tailored to a client that address not just a current challenge, but also help them feel more prepared for the future.

Kyle Curie