In the Media
April 29, 2021

OHM Advisors 'Urban Futurist' Joins Deadline Detroit to Discuss the Local Impacts of Federal Stimulus Funds

Aaron Domini, OHM Advisors

In an April 7 interview with Deadline Detroit, OHM Advisors Principal Aaron Domini talks with Nancy Derringer about how the windfall cash infusions for cities promised by President Biden’s $1.9T American Rescue Plan signed in March might affect the City of Detroit. Domini discusses how the city might seek to not only spend the funds but to invest them in ‘futurist urban development’ projects that will impact the city’s growth for the next two decades or more. He delves into:   

  • Rebuilding roadways with an eye toward weaving transit, pedestrians and bicycles back into the framework to drive the economy forward—as with the vision plan for East Warren / Cadieux
  • Spending stimulus funds according to his 1+1=3 theory of infrastructure investment that focuses on innovative spending to create sustainable long-term revenue
  • Using dollars to invest in infrastructure in the City of Southfield’s Northland Mall as a catalyst to attract private development

Domini states, “There’s a way to focus your attention into that space because part of the vision is to facilitate and jumpstart private sector investment there, which will be long lasting.”