Jon Kramer, OHM Advisors
Jon Kramer
Vice President of Engineering

Jon leads the strategic vision for the firm’s panorama of engineering services and acts as Vice Chair of the Board of Directors. A 25-year engineer with solid project experience, Jon is at heart an exceptional listener, and a master of big-picture growth—having held two prior leadership positions with the firm in which he substantially and consistently grew both the local client base and firm revenue.

In his current role, Jon is responsible for developing and achieving OHM Advisors' financial plan for the engineering discipline across the entire service region, aligning the strategy of the discipline with the overall corporate vision and strategic priorities. He works diligently to identify, evaluate and solicit input on current external market trends in engineering, and then uses that information to develop appropriate firm responses, such as developing target market segments and new products and services. Jon also works to ensure cross-organizational integration with other disciplines within the firm to capitalize on multi-disciplinary opportunities.

Naturally self-motivated, Jon joined OHM Advisors as an intern at 19 and worked his way up through the company over the last 25 years. He was most recently Vice President of Operations, overseeing five departments with over a hundred employees, and at his initial appointment to the firm’s board in 2009, he became the youngest board member since the OHM’s 1962 founding.

My first job was as a paper delivery boy with my own route. Sometimes I rode my bike and sometimes I ran. One of the goals I had was to race the University of Michigan crew team along the Huron River and see if I could deliver the papers faster than they could scull their shell boats. I think that’s why I like my job so much, because OHM Advisors is truly the first community advancement firm. I enjoy helping us continue to ‘get there faster’.