The fountain in the middle roundabout supports Orion Township's vision for an attractive and memorable corridor.
The Baldwin Road project is a showcase for a safe and attractive corridor with limited roadside space.
One of many roundabouts along the reconstructed Baldwin Road corridor.
Baldwin Road roundabout at Maybee Road in Lake Orion, MI
Illuminated Baldwin Road roundabout at night.
Cyclists stopped at one of the many new median crosswalks along Baldwin Road.

Baldwin Road Reconstruction


Road Commission for Oakland County (RCOC) and Orion Township


Orion Township, MI

Transformed Corridor Will Relieve Delays, Enhance Safety

The Road Commission for Oakland County (RCOC) and Orion Township, Michigan teamed with OHM Advisors to increase capacity and spur economic growth along a three-mile stretch of the Baldwin Road corridor and intersecting roadways. Bearing nearly 30,000 vehicles per day as a result of increased growth in the region, the corridor had long suffered from extreme daily congestion and delay.

At the start of the multi-year, $30+ million project, our transportation engineers worked closely with the RCOC and Orion Township on a plan addressing an expansive project scope—beginning with the goal of widening the roadways to accommodate significant commuting traffic to and from I-75, as well as improving direct access for businesses, accommodating multimodal transportation and enhancing traffic safety. The project’s stakeholders sought a plan that ultimately generates an environment to spur economic growth and creates an aesthetically pleasing community public space.

To meet these goals, our team designed a plan with a widened boulevard with five multi-lane roundabouts, overcoming a variety of design constraints and complexities. Those included an overall plan around the built and natural environment, which required varying roadway elevation changes, nearly 100 parcel impacts, several miles of underground and overhead utility relocations within limited space, and nearly two miles of water main replacement. Our team also planned for the replacement of a major culvert carrying the Brown Drain and included underground and above-ground stormwater management features.

The completed project is a transformed corridor grounded by the latest engineering principles united with aesthetic placemaking strategies in a new roadway infrastructure that is safe, accessible, and will be celebrated by the community for years to come.

Project Highlights: transportation engineering, traffic engineering, survey engineering, transportation planning, multi-agency coordination, engineering design, roundabout design, landscape architecture and urban design, utility coordination, culvert replacement, wetland preservation, stormwater management

Before the project, businesses struggled because the traffic gridlock made it extremely difficult to get in and out of their parking lots. Now, access has improved significantly. The project has created an inviting destination, which was part of the Township’s goal all along. We’ve heard nothing but positive feedback from business owners and we’ve already seen rapid redevelopment along sections of the road, with additional development coming.

Craig Bryson
Senior Communications Manager, Road Commission for Oakland County

This reinvention has been a game changer for our community and I’ve gotten great feedback from friends, mayors, and supervisors from nearby townships. Even people who were skeptical have commented about how well traffic flows and how safe and beautiful it is. It’s a model to show communities what’s possible.

Chris Barnett
Township Supervisor, Orion Township

From the final design to the construction, this was a decades-long project. Its completion speaks to the importance of having a strong team, and I can’t say enough about OHM Advisors. They stuck with us from vision to completion, and without their leadership and guidance, we wouldn’t be where we are today. OHM Advisors has been an incredible partner.

Chris Barnett
Township Supervisor, Orion Township
Awards & Recognition

2022 ACEC Michigan Engineering Honorable Conceptor Award

ACEC’s statewide awards competition recognizes projects that demonstrate an exceptional degree of innovation, complexity, and value.

2022 APWA Michigan Project of the Year

This project was recognized in the "Transportation $25 million to $75 million" category by APWA Michigan.