The Detroit Metropolitan Airport entrance now includes better signage and less traffic, thanks to work from OHM Advisors.
Coordinated signage and pavement markings along Rogell Drive.
An overhead view of the improved entrance at The Detroit Metropolitan Airport.
The Detroit Metropolitan Airport entrance now includes better signage along Interstate 94.
The Detroit Metropolitan Airport entrance now includes better signage, directing traffic to various terminals.

Rogell Drive Redevelopment at Detroit Metropolitan Airport


Wayne County Airport Authority


Romulus, MI

Re-Envisioned Roadway Elevates Airport Experience

The Wayne County Airport Authority (WCAA) sought to reconstruct the 6,800-ft section of main entrance roadway boulevard into the Detroit Metropolitan Airport (DTW)—an international hub that serves nearly 35 million passengers per year. More than 70% of the airport’s visitors use this entrance and frequently experienced backups and accidents, due to less-than-intuitive operations, excessive signage, and a problematic traffic signal at Rogell and Burton Drives. As WCAA’s consulting engineer, OHM Advisors created a transforming solution that addressed roadway shortcomings and created a distinct visitor experience that furthers the established vision for the broader airport campus.

Functioning as design engineer and construction administrator—managing multiple sub-consultants, and coordinating extensively with outside organizations such as the City of Romulus, the Wayne County Department of Public Services, and the Michigan Department of Transportation—we implemented a plan that widened the road to a multi-lane concrete boulevard with “Michigan crossover pairs.” We relocated Burton Drive, which eliminated the problematic traffic signal, and developed a complex staging plan used during the work to keep airport traffic flowing. The new roadway design includes horizontal and vertical realignments, upgraded street lighting and detail grading of intersections and driveways, as well as water main relocation, sanitary sewer extensions, electrical system upgrades and complete storm sewer replacement. One-of-a kind sign trusses—one spanning six lanes—and creative color-coded wayfinding elements, including recessed pavement markings, direct drivers to their destinations.

A significant combined effort with the WCAA, multiple other parties and our team, we delivered a reconstructed airport entrance with improved traffic flow, and expanded boulevard space. Interwoven throughout are modern aesthetics, wayfinding and branding, and safety improvements illustrated by color-coded signage, pavement colors and appealing landscape architecture. Rogell Drive is now a welcoming feature that promotes a sense of arrival, comfort, confidence and community.

Project Highlights: airport, road, construction engineering, aesthetic enhancements, street lights, mutli-agency coordination, transportation engineering, design engineering, roadway rehabilitation, construction administration, lighting improvements, maintenance of traffic, traffic signal design

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