Signage welcoming you to the Veterans Memorial Plaza in Delaware, Ohio.
Ohio Army National Guard signage at the Veterans Memorial Plaza.
An aerial view of the splash pad at the City of Delaware's Veterans Memorial Park.
Children play on a dinosaur slide at the Veterans Memorial Park.
Children play at the Veterans Memorial Park in Delaware, Ohio.

City of Delaware Veterans Memorial Plaza & Veterans Park


City of Delaware


Delaware, OH

Commemorative Gathering Space Evokes Celebratory Community Experience for Visitors

The City of Delaware partnered with OHM Advisors to create a memorial plaza and enhance an existing nearby park to commemorate U.S. veterans and their heroic service contributions to our country. Working with the City, and with local businesses to raise over $10,000 in donated or discounted services and materials, OHM Advisors designed the Veterans Memorial Plaza and Veterans Park.

Situated between the Delaware YMCA and the National Guard Training Center, the plaza space elicits a powerful emotional response. It features distinct zones unified by the theme of honoring, celebrating and reflecting on the experiences of veterans. OHM Advisors and Kobolt collaborated on the plaza’s primary focal point, the Circle of Remembrance, which features an elevated eternal flame sculpture flanked by the seals of each military branch. The sculpture is surrounded by a large open space for community events and citizen gathering and exploration.

Ribbons of customizable pavers reminiscent of American flag stripes are staggered throughout the plaza and offer the City the flexibility to personalize individual pavers over time. Illuminated stars at the end of each ribbon commemorate each war fought since the Revolutionary War. The plaza also includes a restored historic cannon and undulating seat walls with pin-mounted personal letters and photographs sharing veterans’ stories. And the entire space is adorned with low maintenance, native plants offering a variety of textures and seasonal color.

The nearby park includes renovations in the form of new picnic shelters, all-inclusive playground equipment, summer splash pad, performance stage, restrooms and concession area. Our team worked with City staff and community members to create a dinosaur theme embodied in the playground and splash pad design.

These vibrant gathering spaces are exceptional community amenities evoking for visitors a celebratory experience and deep sense of pride in the service contributions of our country’s veterans.

Project highlights: landscape architecture, urban design, architecture, municipal engineering, community engagement, funding assistance