Canton Township's library is one of the building facilities under its Capital Improvement Plan.
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Canton Township Capital Improvement Program Assistance


Canton Township


Canton Township, MI

Custom CIP Optimization Model Helps Fast-Growing Township Prioritize Critical Asset Management Decisions

Canton Township partnered with OHM Advisors in an effort to enhance its infrastructure Capital Improvement Plan, requesting guidance in making value and priority-driven decisions regarding the many infrastructure assets it owns, operates and maintains. Those assets include a water distribution system, sanitary sewer collection and stormwater systems, building facilities, minor road and sidewalk systems and parks and golf courses, to name a few.

As one of the fastest growing townships in Southeast Michigan, the Township’s key concerns included the need for an assessment of infrastructure condition and criticality information, the development of an investment prioritization process based on that assessment, and the creation of a capital planning management tool that the Township can take over and update in years to come.

Our expert asset management team performed infrastructure condition assessments on the Township’s multiple assets. Then we created a custom, multi-criteria value assessment decision-making and prioritization model referred to as “MAVA”, with the unique feature that it can incorporate a variety of qualitative and quantitative parameters as well as their relative importance into a decision-making and prioritization framework. We delivered a comprehensive analysis and decision-making system to the Township that will serve it in making critical infrastructure improvement decisions well into the future. In addition, we delivered an online project management and business intelligence dashboard, the aim of which is to continually track important asset management infrastructure performance indicators in an effort to help ensure continual and successful service delivery.

Project Highlights: municipal engineering consulting, comprehensive capital improvement planning, asset management planning