The City of Ann Arbor, Michigan's downtown State Theater.
The City of Ann Arbor, Michigan stormwater flooding at night.
The City of Ann Arbor, Michigan's downtown at dusk.

Ann Arbor Stormwater & Wastewater Asset Management Plan


City of Ann Arbor


Ann Arbor, MI

Facing challenges related to aging stormwater and sanitary sewer infrastructure assets and with a desire to continue to be responsible stewards of their municipal assets, the City of Ann Arbor asked OHM Advisors (in collaboration with Jacobs) to create an asset management program. The objectives included assistance with prioritization of capital improvement projects and optimization of operations and maintenance activities.

By performing an early gap assessment, key service level objectives, and condition rating of infrastructure and systems, we provided early recommendations that laid the groundwork for a comprehensive plan. We conducted a collaborative stakeholder engagement process to align leadership and staff visions for how to best provide resident and regulations driven services. And as part of our gap assessment, we also included an evaluation and subsequent implementation of asset management, condition and capital needs forecasting technology tools for staff to be able to utilize and take over.

The resulting plan enables strategic and proactive assessment of the existing conditions of assets in each system; optimizes existing operations and maintenance procedures; optimizes the use of available capital investment dollars; and identifies resource needs in terms of equipment, staffing, funding and technology. Equipped with this comprehensive plan, the city will efficiently and effectively maintain their system and achieve maximum useful life from their valuable assets.

Project Highlights: asset management planning, capital improvement plan development, asset inventory, condition assessment, remaining life determination, life cycle cost analysis, level of service assessment, system criticality assessment, O&M optimization, CIP Development