January 3, 2024

Welcome Newest OHM Advisors Shareholders

OHM Advisors welcomes six new shareholders to its ownership group.

The OHM Advisors board of directors and partners has elected six new shareholders to the firm's ownership group: Kirk Cox, Rich Hobgood, Marcus McNamara, Greg Sanford, Andrew Schripsema and Jim Woods.

Nominated by fellow owners and partners from a group of outstanding peers, each of these individuals has consistently shown keen business sense and a demonstrated interest in the collective good of the organization. 

With the addition of these talented and committed professionals, we’re stepping into the new year with fresh energy and a renewed focus on our mission of Advancing Communities across our footprint. In this spirit, I am honored to announce the outstanding individual career achievements of our firm’s six newest shareholders.

– Jon Kramer, President

Please join us in congratulating these six impressive and dedicated members of the OHM Advisors Team: 

Kirk Cox is a senior project manager for the OHM Advisors Transportation Group. With a career spanning 30 years, he is known for astute management of MDOT and local transportation work, as well as his contributions to younger staff development and various departmental practices. He has been with the firm for eight years and works in the Livonia office of OHM Advisors. 

Rich Hobgood joined the firm’s Municipal Group 18 years ago. As a senior project manager, he has cultivated relationships with communities and agencies for many of our long-standing clients (City of Livonia, City of Romulus, City of Ypsilanti) and fastest-growing agencies on all types of projects – roads, water main, sanitary sewer, sidewalks, and community branding.

Marcus McNamara is the principal in charge for several municipalities in Michigan. An 18-year member of the firm’s Municipal Group, he has a deep understanding of the issues faced by communities today and leads a team that, like him, is driven by client successes and cost-effective solutions. Marcus recently took the helm of our Ann Arbor office. 

Greg Sanford joined the Nashville team of OHM Advisors as a project manager in 2019 and now serves his clients as principal. He has nearly two decades of design and construction experience and was invited to join a think tank in Tennessee charged with regional water source planning, necessitated by the 2007-2008 drought. Greg has been the technical expert on this important statewide initiative for 15 years. 

Andrew Schripsema is the Survey Group Manager for OHM Advisors' Michigan Operations. He simultaneously leads dozens of complicated survey projects for numerous clients while focusing on adding and retaining talent to his team of skilled and dedicated surveyors. Andy has been with the Livonia office of OHM Advisors since 2007.

Jim Woods joined OHM Advisors four years ago to lead our Kalamazoo office after 25 years with MDOT. Through delegation, influence, and a baseline of respect from all who work with and for him, he has successfully built relationships on the west side of Michigan, while growing our team in the Kalamazoo office. 

About OHM Advisors:

OHM Advisors is the community advancement firm. Founded in 1962, we deliver award-winning work across the architecture, engineering, and planning spheres. With offices in multiple states, our 650+ person team partners with leaders at all government levels, school districts, developers, universities, and private companies to create great places.