June 20, 2023

6th Annual Diversity Scholarship Winners Announced

2023 OHM Advisors Diversity Scholarship winners announced June 19, 2023

15 AEC industry hopefuls from across the country receive funds for education

At a special ceremony on June 19, 2023, OHM Advisors proudly announced the winners of its 6th Annual Diversity Scholarships, awarding at least $1,000 each to qualified women and minorities who are currently enrolled or planning to enroll in a STEM program or any other firm-related practice area.

The scholarships recognize promising students who are passionate about contributing to the world through their future work in the architecture/engineering/construction (AEC) industry.

The 2023 winners are:

  • Shauna Burkes (Returning Winner), The Ohio State University 
  • Jenna Davis, Lansing Community College
  • Holly Ellis, Kansas State University
  • Calvin Keeys, Drexel University
  • Sarah Markley (Returning Winner), Ohio Northern University
  • Khairi McKinney, Howard University
  • Vicki McTaggart (Returning Winner), Michigan State University
  • Christine Meng, University of Pennsylvania
  • Elizabeth Michael, Michigan State University
  • Ashley Petrie (Returning Winner), Michigan Technological University
  • Victoria Smith (Returning Winner), The Ohio State University
  • Aahil Tharani, University of Texas at Austin
  • Kimberly Waldroop, College of the Atlantic
  • Ashley Weaver, Judson University
  • Sonnet Xu, Stanford University

Some say that Juneteenth is the day we celebrate freedom from slavery in America. Perhaps it is more accurate to say it is the day we celebrate progress on a journey that is far from over. It has been demonstrated time and time again that an equal opportunity for a good education is one of the pillars of the racial justice we seek. These scholarships are an important step in the direction of equality.

- Jon Kramer, OHM Advisors President


In addition to receiving monetary awards, the students may be offered future opportunities to pursue internships with OHM Advisors. 

To read more about eligibility and how to apply for the OHM Advisors Diversity Scholarship, click here.


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