March 9, 2020

OHM Advisors Honored with ACEC Michigan’s 2020 Firm of the Year Award

Click the video above to hear what drives the team at OHM Advisors, what we think it takes for communities to advance, and what this award and our partnership with ACEC means to us

On March 7, 2020, OHM Advisors received the ACEC Michigan 2020 Firm of the Year Award at the 55th Annual Engineering & Surveying Awards Gala in Grand Rapids. The notable award recognizes a member firm for its demonstrated leadership in the ACEC organization, the community and the promotion of the engineering profession.

Founded in Detroit in 1962, OHM Advisors has been a proud ACEC Michigan member for nearly 50 years. Today, the multidisciplinary architecture, engineering and planning firm has over 500 employees in offices throughout Michigan, Ohio and Tennessee, and strives to demonstrate its association, industry and community leadership efforts throughout its entire service area.

“We are honored to receive this award from ACEC Michigan, an organization that consistently demonstrates its leadership commitment to our profession and works tirelessly to advance our engineering community,” said firm President John Hiltz. “It sets the example for all of its member firms to give back to the communities where we live and work, and I see this award as an esteemed recognition of our firm for the efforts we make to follow its lead.”

Evaluated according to three criteria viewed over the last two years, OHM Advisors strived to contribute to the growth of ACEC Michigan, advance the consulting design profession, and actively engage in its local communities. Several of the firm’s experts serve on ACEC Michigan boards and committees and work to mentor new member firms and individuals. The firm’s professionals also propel the industry forward by speaking and publishing widely on important infrastructure, technology and design topics, consistently delivering award-winning work across multiple disciplines, and partnering with universities and high schools to host career fairs, give technical presentations and offer mentoring and scholarship opportunities.

But most importantly, OHM Advisors fosters a culture of giving back to and supporting its client communities. Over the past two years, its Michigan employees alone have contributed their time to more than 50 local organizations, communities and schools including Adopt-A-Highway, Detroit Kidney Walk, American Red Cross, Michigan Urban Farming Initiative and multiple area food banks and humane societies, among many others.

“I’m proud that our talented employees not only want to innovate impactful solutions for our clients’ challenges, but also want to step into their communities and sit on their boards, volunteer with their charities and schools, and work to help clean up their highways,” Hiltz said. “This award affirms their efforts as true community partners.”

About OHM Advisors:

OHM Advisors is the community advancement firm. Founded in 1962, we deliver award-winning work across the architecture, engineering, and planning spheres. With more than 500 employees in offices throughout Ohio, Michigan, and Tennessee, our team partners with leaders at all levels of government, school districts, developers, universities, and private companies to create great places.