Our scholarship winners are part of our commitment to the academic success of women and minorities.

OHM Advisors Diversity Scholarship

OHM Advisors is committed to the academic success of women and minority students.

Established in 2018, our Diversity Scholarship Program is open to qualified women and minority students who are currently enrolled or planning to enroll in a STEM program or other related field of practice at OHM Advisors. To read about our commitment to diversity in the STEM field and at OHM Advisors, click here.

Beth Evanoo, Revit Coordinator
Scholarship Award
  • $1,000 educational scholarship
  • Number of scholarships awarded varies based on the number of applicants 
  • Special consideration is given to applicants living near an OHM Advisors office location, but affiliation with the firm is not required
  • Previous winners may reapply!
Two scholarship recipients in OHM Advisors' Cleveland office.
  • Woman or minority as defined by the Equal Employment Opportunity Program (African American, Hispanic, Native American, Asian or Pacific Islander, Multi-racial)
  • Open to high school seniors through college juniors
  • Must be currently enrolled or plan to enroll in a U.S. STEM Program (or other related field of practice at OHM Advisors) the following academic year
  • Cumulative average grade of a B (3.0 GPA) at the time of application is beneficial but not mandatory
A winner is recognized at the Diversity Scholarship Awards Ceremony.
Key Dates & Deadlines
  • October 15, 2023: Deadline to submit applications and supporting materials for the 2024 Diversity Scholarship Award
  • Month of December 2023: Finalists notified and interview dates scheduled
  • Month of January 2024: Interviews with finalists
  • Month of February/March 2024: Winners notified
A diverse team works together on designing a roundabout.
How to Apply
  • Click the "APPLY" button below to submit an online application. Applications received after the cut-off date listed above will automatically roll to the next scholarship year. 
  • Write a 1-page essay in response to one of four questions listed on the application and save it as a PDF for submission 
  • Obtain 2 years of academic transcripts
  • Email any questions to


Helpful Application Tips

Submit your application early

It can take some time to obtain your transcripts from your school and complete your 1-page essay. Start early so you'll have plenty of time to complete the requirements and submit your application before the deadline.

Write a great essay

We want to read an essay that's well-prepared, thoughtful and shows us who you really are. Write a draft of your essay and then let it sit for a day. Go back and read it thoroughly and edit it, including additional thoughts and correcting any errors. Give it to a trusted person to review as a "second set of eyes" before you submit it with your application. We look forward to hearing your voice in your words! 


While there are no requirements for formatting, please help our eyes by using at least a 10-point size font and single-or-double spacing for your essay. 

Create PDF files for submission

Saving your Word document as a PDF file for submission is a snap. Check out these easy instructions on how to save your document as a PDF before you close it.

Prepare for your virtual interview

We want to get to know you, and because our applicants are often located far and wide, we typically use Zoom for interviews. You are probably very familiar with virtual meetings, but just make sure you allow yourself some extra time to address any technical issues that may arise (with Zoom, your phone/PC, etc.), and find a quiet place to talk. We want you to feel relaxed and ready for our chat.


Speaking of ready...We're a "business casual" firm in our daily work culture. Here's a look at photos provided by our impressive past scholarship winners to get a feel for the appropriate attire for in-person or video interviews and the scholarship awards ceremony.

Shauna Burkes

A computer science/engineering student at The Ohio State University, Shauna was first exposed to STEM careers the summer before her high school senior year. Listen in to hear her talk about how she asked questions to learn more about the IT field and propel herself into her first coding class; how she was inspired to pursue a career in STEM by a Latina coder on a TV show who overcame challenges; and why she feels that “those who work in STEM careers are pioneers.”

Anne Grimm

Anne attended a STEM early college high school before becoming an Ohio State University architecture student. She's passionate about combining her discipline studies with an understanding of building better places for people while navigating the effects of climate change. Listen in to hear her talk about why you don't need to be a math wiz to pursue a STEM career, and the three skills she thinks best prep you for success. 

Sarah Markley

A 2022 scholarship recipient and high school graduate, Sarah plans to study civil engineering at Ohio Northern University. She was first exposed to STEM careers as a member of her school’s science team where she began to explore potential careers in the field. Check out her video to hear why she feels diverse teams are important for the best problem-solving results and why it's a myth that STEM professions are “lonely in nature” and people “just solve equations” in isolation.

The Diversity Scholarship program is built around the goal of attracting, retaining and promoting a diverse workforce of highly talented individuals.

To read more about our commitment to diversity in the STEM field and at OHM Advisors, CLICK HERE.

Christopher McCrary

Christopher is an architecture student at the Georgia Institute of Technology who became fascinated with STEM during high school workshops run by industry professionals who used technology and science in their careers—especially in architecture, designing spaces and buildings for people to live in. He feels it's important to focus on racial and gender equality in STEM career fields because "a more inclusive field leads to more diverse and better solutions."

Andrew Prysock

Andrew is the son of engineer parents studying engineering at the University of Georgia. Influenced from a very young age to be creative and solve problems, he is fascinated by how mechanical and technological systems work and designed and built his own motorized longboard in high school. Listen in as he tells us about what diversity in the engineering profession means to him.

Victoria Smith

Victoria plans to study electrical engineering at The Ohio State University. The daughter of chemical engineer parents, she was always empowered at home to pursue STEM topics and was surprised to learn that young women often avoid those careers because they feel they don’t fit society’s idea of a STEM professional. She tells us that diversity is essential in these fields because “projects reflect their designers” and designers should reflect the community.

Other Opportunities
Cornerstone students intern at OHM Advisors Livonia office.

All scholarship applicants are invited to apply for available internships at OHM Advisors. Our internship program offers high school and college students paid summer and part-time internship opportunities to provide valuable, hands-on experience that enriches their education. This program is not tied to the scholarship award and is not required to apply for a scholarship, but many of our interns are also scholarship winners.

See available internships