The Supreme Court of Ohio's entrance and exterior plaza in Columbus, Ohio
Newly renovated historic bronze river-side door entry and surrounding marble panels
The Ohio Supreme Court exterior and plaza including newly restored bronze handrails.
One of two fountain pools located in the plaza outside the Ohio Supreme Court.
Newly renovated fountain pool located in front of the historic Ohio Supreme Court building.
One of the many murals affixed to this historic building's façade.
Exterior shot of the Ohio Supreme Court in Columbus, Ohio

The Supreme Court of Ohio Exterior Repairs


Ohio Facilities Construction Commission


Columbus, OH

Architectural Fixes Restore Beauty to Iconic Downtown Building

The historic Thomas J. Moyer Ohio Judicial Center located along the Scioto River in Columbus, Ohio, originally opened in 1933 as the State office building. It underwent renovations in 1998 and 2004, as well as subsequent updates in 2011 which restored the structure to its original character and upgraded it to accommodate the needs of the newly relocated Ohio Supreme Court. Over time, parts of both the original and the renovated stone façade began to fail, and in 2019, the Ohio Facilities Construction Commission partnered with OHM Advisors to assess the condition of the building’s exterior as well as its plazas, fountains, bronze work and windows and provide as-needed architectural repairs.

Our architectural design team reviewed and analyzed previous investigations and studies and employed high-resolution drone technology as well as on-site camera inspections to complete exterior and underground condition assessments, closely confirm defects in suspect areas, open up select areas for further defect exploration, and determine the necessary repairs. We created precise drawings and specifications and worked with a high level of due diligence during the design phase to keep the project closely on track with minimal change orders. Since the building is on the National Register of Historic Places, it was important that the repair materials were historically accurate, and the use of those materials was consistent with historical methods.

Repairs to the building exterior included resealing of the 1998 marble panel replacements on the building’s upper portion, and regrouting the remainder of the original marble with a resilient custom mortar mix designed to preserve the stone’s integrity. It also included repair of leaks below light wells; repair of existing bronze river-side door hardware and pivots; installation of motorized handicap operators for heavy bronze entry and vestibule doors to replace the originals; historically accurate replacement of 16 windows; and the sealing and weatherproofing of existing decorative bronze monumental courtroom windows. Repairs to the exterior plaza included replacement and repair of pumps and water system infrastructure at the two fountain pools; extensive marble repair and renovation; water flow leak sealing; bronze handrail restoration; and renovation to the fountain pools with new waterproofing and new basalt liners. New decorative lighting was installed in the repaired light wells and new LED decorative lighting was installed at the top of the building. 

Project highlights: architecture, exterior condition assessment, drone technology, historic preservation