Transportation improvements along Grand Traverse County corridors alleviate congestion, improve safety.
A study area map of Grand Traverse County corridors.
Public engagement gathering input from residents and other groups interested in Grand Traverse corridors.

Grand Traverse County East-West Corridor Transportation Study


Grand Traverse County Road Commission


Grand Traverse County, MI

Study Results Offer Actionable Solutions to Relieve Congestion, Improve Traveler Safety

The Grand Traverse County Road Commission engaged a consultant team led by OHM Advisors to complete an independent analysis of the transportation corridors in the county. The goal of the study was to identify a range of possible transportation improvements that would alleviate congestion and improve pedestrian and non-motorized traveler safety in Traverse City and the surrounding area. A key component to achieving that goal was engaging the public through meaningful interaction in the development of the solutions.

Our team launched an extensive public engagement campaign, facilitating multiple forums that gathered input from stakeholders, residents, business owners and other interested public groups. We developed a project website, used interactive online engagement tools, and engaged on social media to gather input, share progress and disseminate important project information and relevant meeting details.

Our team developed achievable solutions in the form of multiple short and long-term projects by studying past plans, mining OHM Advisors transportation experts’ deep knowledge for proven best practices and taking an innovative approach to identifying solutions. We employed a data driven evaluation process utilizing criteria ranging from surrounding land use to environmental impacts to traffic modeling data in order to determine which of the identified solutions would provide the most value to the community.

In the end, a number of projects—including roundabouts at strategic locations, roadway widening, traffic signal optimization, and a new bridge crossing the Boardman River—were identified to improve cross-county mobility. Implementation of some or all of these solutions will result in the alleviation of congestion and improvement of safety for those traveling along the busy east-west corridors throughout the County.

Project Highlights: transportation planning, community engagement