Schripsema Craig, OHM Advisors
Craig Schripsema

Craig is responsible for growth and oversight of the firm’s mid-Michigan operations, which include the Mount Pleasant and Midland locations. His two-decade career is built on providing forward-thinking advisory services to clients across Michigan.  

Craig’s expertise is in construction engineering with a heavy focus on transportation, roads and bridges. He has managed all sizes of projects from beginning to end for Central Michigan University, the Michigan Department of Transporation (MDOT), and road commissions and various communities across the state. His experience in both the design and construction of a wide variety of projects has helped him develop an approach challenging the status quo in both design and delivery and analyzing how to do more with less in projects of all sizes. This approach has led to implementation of innovative designs which have had significant overall cost and construction time savings. Craig strives to serve the firm’s clients in this forward-thinking manner and is passionate about helping communities truly advance into the future.

Craig is working to expand both locations, so that the mid-Michigan offices are fully represented by OHM Advisors’ multidisciplinary breadth of services.

I think that joy is the feeling we have when we are doing what we have passion to do, no matter the outcome. It’s a process, under construction, just like the projects we help our clients bring to completion. I’m passionate about my job helping them do that and I think that makes a great deal of difference in the end.