The City of Livonia's current civic campus will serve as a future downtown, designed by OHM Advisors.
Man giving input on Livonia Master Plan
Planners hands drawing Livonia Master Plan
Community members giving feedback on Livonia Master Plan

Livonia Master Plan


City of Livonia


Livonia, Michigan

City Master Plan Creates and Outlines Long-Term Vision and Targeted Redevelopment Strategy

In 2018, the City of Livonia selected OHM Advisors and a partner consultant to create a master plan. The City sought a comprehensive plan to guide its development over the next 20 years, and our combined teams delivered both a physical plan and policy guide for Livonia’s future. Two important goals of the plan were to identify redevelopment opportunities for the 100,000-resident suburban community outside metropolitan Detroit, and to determine a desirable location for a future downtown.

Critical to the plan was the City’s desire to create a community redevelopment strategy transforming stagnant commercial corridors and big box spaces, and addressing in-fill development proposals and redevelopment opportunities in a manner consistent with the community’s long-term goals. Our team analyzed location data and land use trends to create redevelopment concepts in three locations, and then spearheaded public engagement efforts in the form of a two-day public charrette where participants offered their feedback and creative ideas for how those redevelopment opportunities could be realized. These resulting concepts and development programs will serve as models for other developable areas within the City both now and in the future.

Also part of the project was determining the location for a future downtown. The City chose a current civic campus site for its future downtown location as the most optimal for spurring public-private investment and creating a heart of the community. That location will be a focal point for gathering and a place that brings together public neighbors and private stakeholders, opening opportunities for public-private investment throughout targeted areas.

Project Highlights: master planning, community engagement, economic development planning