Aerial photo shows of finished roundabout and innovative stormwater management solution.
Retaining walls, stone, and plantings help prevent erosion along the banks of the Clinton River.
New bridge offers wide sidewalks that improve pedestrian safety and access to amenities within the corridor.
Before and after photos, demonstrating how new solution eliminated mile-long traffic backups and added pedestrian facilities.
Illustration of the many site constraints at Avon and Dequindre Roads.

Avon Road at Dequindre Road Roundabout and Bridge


Road Commission for Oakland County


Rochester Hills, MI

Roundabout and Bridge Transform Roadway into a Safe, Walkable, and Efficient Corridor that Connects to Recreational and Economic Opportunities

A critical part of its region’s transportation network, the Avon-Dequindre corridor is rich in recreational and economic opportunities, from a historic cider mill to fishing and kayaking in the adjacent Clinton River. However, this essential roadway was fraught with issues: mile-long backups, a deteriorating bridge, riverbank erosion, and no pedestrian facilities, despite nearby attractions. The Road Commission for Oakland County, City of Rochester Hills, and key stakeholders partnered with OHM Advisors to address these issues while positioning the corridor for the future.

RCOC first engaged OHM Advisors to conduct a study and develop a vision to improve the roadway while replacing the bridge over the Clinton River. All the while, the solution needed to preserve the historical, business, recreational, and environmental context of the corridor. That context—featuring the river, private property, and protected parkland and landmarks—created a constrained site. OHM Advisors proposed a system featuring two multi-lane roundabouts and a new bridge, a solution that met RCOC’s goals while accommodating the complicated site. Avon Road at Dequindre Road Roundabout and Bridge is Phase 1 of the plan’s implementation.

The roundabout provides an efficient solution with a unique twist—it extends onto the new bridge. This design, along with crowded utilities, extreme elevation changes and an extremely tight schedule, required careful coordination. Plus, the design needed to re-establish and protect the shoreline near the bridge while accommodating Phase 2, which included a major 96-inch water main along the roadway. OHM Advisors’ forward-thinking approach also included the design of a unique basin that stores river water during 100-year storms and manages stormwater from routine rainfall.

Through this collaborative and innovative transformation, the community now has a new bridge that elevates the aesthetics of the area and a roundabout that offers efficient traffic flow and safe connectivity to local attractions.

Project highlights: transportation engineering, surveying, transportation planning, multi-agency coordination, engineering design, roundabout design, landscape architecture, utility coordination, bridge design, bridge replacement, stormwater management

Featured Team Members
David Conn, Project Manager
David Conn
Project Manager
Adam Mitchell, OHM Advisors
Adam Mitchell
Project Engineer
Awards & Recognition

2024 ACEC Michigan Engineering Honorable Conceptor Award

ACEC’s statewide Engineering & Surveying Excellence Awards competition recognizes projects that demonstrate an exceptional degree of innovation, complexity, and value.