Huron, Ohio’s updated streetscape by OHM Advisors includes new traffic signage.
Huron, Ohio’s updated streetscape by OHM Advisors includes wider sidewalks and aesthetic street lighting.
Huron, Ohio’s updated streetscape by OHM Advisors includes improved parking.

Huron Main Street Improvements


City of Huron


Huron, OH

Reconnecting Waterfront Corridor Brings Unified Aesthetics to City

The City of Huron, Ohio sought to reconnect a portion of its Main Street roadway along the Huron River waterfront corridor that had been split in the past by the construction of public and private parking lots. The city partnered with OHM Advisors to design a comprehensive streetscape plan that reconnected the entire roadway and unified the look of Main Street along the waterfront.

Our municipal engineering team created a design that the city implemented in two phases. The first phase, “Main Street Reconnector,” included 800 linear feet of new, full-depth pavement section in the middle of the original northern and southern limits adjacent to the Huron Boat Basin and Marina—a popular waterfront gathering space. Our construction management team oversaw the project work, which included repair of longtime stormwater issues and the update of sidewalks, traffic signage and parking entrances, as well as construction of a completely new greenscape, parking features and new, aesthetic street lighting along the roadway.

The city partnered with ODOT District Three as the Local Public Agency (LPA) on phase two, “Main Street Streetscape.” Our team represented the city as the project engineer and designer for this phase and coordinated construction with the third party construction management team. This phase consisted of 1,600 linear feet of full-depth pavement reconstruction and resurfacing, dedicated and protected on-street parallel parking, sidewalk installation and widening, and updated traffic signage. The design addressed the ongoing stormwater issues, and provided for continued aesthetic street lighting and conversion of all overhead utilities to underground for a clean, unobstructed view of the waterfront.

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