October 30, 2015

The Advancing Communities Show: Smart Tools to Optimize Infrastructure Spending, with Brad Campbell – Assetic

The Advancing Communities Show: Episode 2

Brad Campbell, general manager at Assetic North America, provides a global perspective to the infrastructure challenges faced in the U.S. He shares his thoughts on strategically spending limited funds to maintain infrastructure assets. In short, the answer is not spending more money, but optimizing current spending. Brad speaks to achieving the desired level of service at the lowest possible expenditure by utilizing an optimization tool to approach strategic asset.

Easy-to-use, cost-effective smart technologies, such as Assetic’s My Predictor, facilitate enlightened decision making by providing a snapshot of assets in the future. The ability now to predict asset condition in the future—by taking into account targeted levels of service, expenditure forecasting and budget comparison—is changing how entities approach asset management.