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Antecedent Moisture Model Users Conference

May 26, 2022

Virtual event hosted by OHM Advisors, Milwaukee School of Engineering, RJN Group and H2Ometrics

Join this inaugural training event led by Antecedent Moisture Model (AMM) users

Recently published in the Journal of Water Management Modeling, the Antecedent Moisture Model (AMM) is a hydrologic equation used to account for antecedent moisture conditions and their impact on sanitary sewer flows.

The first-ever Antecedent Moisture Model Users Conference brings together leading members of the AMM User Group, formed to collaborate on the model after its release into the public domain, research new applications and improvements, and standardize processes and approaches.

Collection system modelers, hydrology professors and instructors, and anyone who wants to understand, model, and design for antecedent moisture effects are invited to this virtual event! The conference will provide training on the model development, usage and application, and an update on recent research and improvements.  

Panelists will discuss the following topics related to AMM:

  • Development and review of the original AMM equations
  • Reparameterization of the equations to make them easier to use
  • How to use AMM for system design
  • Research update on using stream gauge flow to represent antecedent moisture
  • Case studies

Featured panelists include:

Robert Czachorski, Principal, OHM Advisors & President, H2OMetrics; David Edgren, Senior Project Engineer/Data Scientist, RJN Group; Erica Morgan, Engineer, OHM Advisors; and William Gonwa, Associate Professor Milwaukee School of Engineering

When: Thursday, May 26, 1:00 - 4:00 p.m. EST via Zoom

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