Ron Cavallaro, OHM Advisors
Ron Cavallaro
Vice President of Michigan

A versatile team player at OHM Advisors over his 12 years with the firm, Ron leads the firm’s growth throughout the state of Michigan, now a collective of multiple offices across the state. In this role, he oversees each office and continues building out the firm’s relationships in order to provide valuable advisory services throughout all of Michigan, paying specific attention to potential new target markets and expansion opportunities.

Ron’s project portfolio spans his years serving as a senior member of the firm’s Environmental and Water Resources Group, where he used his varied 26 years of design and construction engineering experience to deliver innovative solutions to communities facing water-related issues such as stream restoration and floodplain and stormwater management.

Ron is valued for his energy, talent and forward-thinking vision. A lover of “flowing streams and nature,” he also serves on the board of the Superior Watershed Partnership and Land Trust—a local Great Lakes non-profit organization serving Michigan’s Upper Peninsula with programs that directly benefit its land, water and people.

I love my job, love working with people. I believe a true advisor is a person who solves potential issues before they become problems, and I strive to do that for the people I work with and for each day.