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November 30, 2022

OHM Advisors Principal Jennifer Carney Talks Building a Successful Career as an Architect

Header image Jennifer Carney Authority Magazine

In an October 19 article by Authority Magazine, OHM Advisors Principal Jennifer Carney talks with Jason Hartman as part of a series about the “Five Things You Need to Know to Create a Highly Successful Career as an Architect.” A 30-plus year licensed architect, Carney has developed a professional persona that makes her a sought-after building design expert in the healthcare architecture and development markets and is deeply committed to providing excellent client service in every project.

Specifically, she suggests that young professionals:   

  • Research and continually learn about your client, their business, the community and the ever-changing materials and systems of the building trade
  • Be approachable so that people can relate to you as a person
  • Learn to think quickly on your feet so you can become adaptive to change
  • Be honest with your clients—especially when you make a mistake
  • Adopt a helping attitude because architecture is a service industry and you’re there to serve your clients and the communit

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