October 30, 2020

A.I. Tool for Asset Management (VIDEO)

OHM Advisors Introduces Novel A.I. Approach to Infrastructure Inspection

New from the Asset Management and GIS & Innovative Technologies experts at OHM Advisors is a novel artificial intelligence-driven methodology for sewer infrastructure inspection and analysis that can save communities time and money in condition evaluation and prioritization of assets—and lead to opportunities for savings in operation, maintenance and capital investment needs.

This alternative approach to the industry’s traditional use of closed-circuit cameras inside sewer pipes builds on published evidence suggesting that nearly 80% of defects in sewer pipes are located within approximately 65 to 70 feet of the nearest manhole. It utilizes high resolution cameras to collect and observe field condition observations, then delivers results to the community through an interactive, customizable business intelligence dashboard—allowing field operators and managers to rapidly access results and track performance metrics over time.

Check out the video above to see how our novel approach to infrastructure inspection can help your community maximize facility assessment time and optimize infrastructure spending.

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