Information for Third-Party Recruiters

Third-Party Recruiters

We appreciate your interest in learning about opportunities for job candidate placement with OHM Advisors. We work with a select group of third-party recruiting companies. Due to a high volume of solicitations, we require all third-party recruiters to apply directly for pre-approved recruiter status (see details below). Pre-approval is required to work with us.

The reasons we work with only pre-approved recruiters are as follows:

  • We have specific recruiting needs with a focus on planning and design professionals. Our business relationships are limited to firms that are well-networked within our industry, understand our profession, and familiar with our geographic footprint.
  • We build relationships with a core group of recruiters; this allows our managers and internal recruiting staff to work with people who understand our specific needs and can more efficiently match potential candidates.

Contact Us

To be considered for pre-approved recruiter status, please email your information to and include the following:

  1. Company name and website
  2. Profession(s) you serve
  3. Your geographic reach for recruitment
  4. Any specialized services offered (e.g., specific markets, professions, industries)

We review every pre-approval request and will follow up with you. Please note that providing the information above does not guarantee your placement as a pre-approved recruiter for OHM Advisors. If we pursue a vendor agreement with you, we will work with you to negotiate pricing terms and other contractual language.


  1. All pre-approved recruiters must sign a vendor agreement with OHM Advisors before receiving payment for a candidate placement. The agreement must be dated no later than one year before the date of resume submission. All vendor agreements with third-party recruiters require the approval of the Chief Executive Officer, Chief Operating Officer, Chief Administrative Officer, or the VP of Finance to be considered valid.
  2. We will not pay a recruiting fee to any recruiter without a signed vendor agreement with OHM Advisors. 
  3. We will not accept unsolicited resumes from third-party recruiters. Any resume submitted to any employee of OHM Advisors without a signed vendor agreement will be considered property of OHM Advisors, and OHM Advisors will not be liable for any placement fee.
  4. We review existing vendor agreements on an annual basis. Any signed vendor agreement will be valid for 12 months and renewed at the discretion of OHM Advisors based on recruiter performance, primarily measured by the success of candidates placed by each recruiter.

Effective date: February 9, 2024