Phase 1-2 construction to upgrade infrastructure in Garfield Heights Neighborhoods.
Underground construction to upgrade infrastructure in Garfield Heights Neighborhoods.

Garfield Heights Midwest Neighborhoods Infrastructure Updates


City of Garfield Heights (in partnership with the Northeast Ohio Sewer District)


Garfield Heights, OH

Spurred by complaints from its residents in different neighborhoods, the City of Garfield Heights partnered with OHM Advisors to begin this 4-phase sanitary and stormwater sewer renovation project to remedy an infrastructure cross-connection issue that was causing residential basement flooding during rain events. The scope of this expansive, multi-year project across multiple neighborhoods with 1950s-era homes includes replacing the aging sanitary and stormwater infrastructure, replacing the cross connections of the two systems with independent lines throughout the public rights of way, and educating residents on the location of flows from their homes using dye tests with individualized written analyses. As part of the project, OHM Advisors is assisting the City with infrastructure funding applications with state and regional agencies as well as flow metering in residential areas before and after construction.  

Phase I construction wrapped in late 2018 and Phase II is ongoing with a projected completion date before the end of this year. Phases III and IV are in design stages now with full project completion estimated by year-end 2022.