Speaking Engagements & Events

2022 Michigan Municipal League Convention

October 19 - 21, 2022

VanDyk Mortgage Convention Center, Muskegon, MI, hosted by the Michigan Municipal League

Don't miss our water expert discuss an important partnership to increase Michigan communities' access to water infrastructure funding

The Michigan Municipal League Foundation (MMLF) has created a partnership with OHM Advisors, EPIC and the Michigan Department of Energy, Great Lakes, and the Environment (EGLE) to increase access to water infrastructure funding. The goal is to ensure that all Michigan communities regardless of economic means have access to safe and reliable drinking water, and MMLF has created the MI Water Navigator Program as the vehicle to accomplish this goal. The multifaceted program includes a help desk for communities, research to understand barriers to funding, and ultimately builds on the research to advocate for policy changes at the state level.

Join us here for this impactful presentation:

Session Title: MI Water Navigator Project
Date and Time: TBD
Presenters:  Christine Spitzley and Grace Carey (Michigan Municipal League Foundation)