Conferences & Speaking Engagements

2020 NetZeroBuild Summit

August 25 - 28, 2020

Online event, hosted by Smarter Shows

A NEW conference that brings together ALL sustainable build community experts

NetZeroBuild Summit 2020 will provide a unique opportunity for the Midwest's residential, commercial, academic and government construction professionals. This first ever conference opens the door to sustainable build community networking and a showcase of the latest green building projects - Empowering a green build revolution.

Join Infrastructure Planning expert Murat Ulasir, as he presents the following panel virtually:

Examining the Role of Local Governments and Communities in Implementing Sustainable Buildings and Places

  • What is the process for getting cities and communities to adopt clean energy and invest in sustainable buildings? How can urban and rural energy systems be both low-carbon and resilient in a changing climate?
  • How can public-private partnerships contribute to the development of sustainable, smart urban districts with highly energy efficient buildings, renewable distributed energy resources (DERs) and infrastructure for electric transportation?

Virtual agenda coming soon - stay tuned for more details!