Conferences & Speaking Engagements

2020 Great Lakes Water Infrastructure Conference

April 28 - 30, 2020

Suburban Collection Showplace
46100 Grand River Avenue, Novi, MI 48374

Join us in Novi as we discuss the challenges faced by the unseen backbone of our modern lives - infrastructure

Our water infrastructure is aging and funding is lacking nationwide for rehabilitation and replacement needs. The 2020 Great Lakes Water Infrastructure Conference will identify these challenges and discuss solutions to them, including funding, environmental health, planning, water quality, green infrastructure, cybersecurity and communication. This conference features expert speakers, networking opportunities, exhibitors and over 80 relevant presentations.

Four of our very own experts will present the following sessions:

Presenter: Karlin Danielsen
Session Title: Optimizing Total Residual Chlorine Dosing with Automated Monitoring at Chapaton Retention Treatment Basin
Date & Time: Wednesday, April 29th from 2:15-2:55pm

Presenter: Mackenzie Johnson
Session Title: Water Distribution System Emergency Planning: City of Farmington Hills
Date & Time: Wednesday, April 29th from 3:05-3:45pm

Presenter: Nancy Russell
Session Title: Multi-Community Collaboration to Reduce Wet Weather Flows through Green Infrastructure
Date & Time: Wednesday, April 29th from 3:55-4:35pm

Presenter: Christine Spitzley (on behalf of MIAWWA)
Session Title: MIAWWA LSLR Website Resource
Date & Time: Wednesday, April 29th from 2:15-2:55pm