Our simple mission creates better lifestyles for those in each community.

Our Mission

Our mission is simple: Advancing Communities.

Whether our client communities are municipalities, state and federal agencies, Fortune 100 companies, developers, schools or universities, we believe that our work for them has a higher purpose.

Community is at the Center of Everything We Do
Our mission of Advancing Communities puts people first.

Everything we do is grounded in the need to help communities solve problems and make places better for people. Not just today, but well into the future.

Our singular forward-thinking focus on putting the needs of people first in our solutions drives our thinking and innovation from conception through completion—and guides us in everything we do.

Advancing Communities is what we do.

Passion for people is how we do it. 

Our Commitments
Shabir Bhengani creating thoughtful, innovative design solutions.
To Clients

We commit to creating thoughtful, innovative design solutions for all of our client communities that add lasting value and help to move them forward. 

We integrate sustainability and care for the environment in our work.
To Community and the Environment

We commit to integrating sustainability and care for the environment in our work. And we're passionate about contributing our time and resources to make an impact on the world around us.

Collaborating with open minds in downtown Columbus.
To Each Other

We commit to fostering extraordinary relationships with each other, collaborating with open minds and respect for our own diverse backgrounds, ideas and opinions. 

Buildings and roads don’t define a community—people do. So we strive to design solutions that truly serve the people who live and work there every day. Each time we can deliver that result, we’re helping drive the community’s collective progress, advancing it into its future.

Jon Kramer

To us, the advancement of communities is much more than just completing a project. It's looking at how a project interconnects with the long-term needs of the community, and advising clients how to move forward along a path to lasting, sustainable success.

John Hiltz
Executive Director
We are a firm of Mission-Driven People
OHM Advisors staff volunteer at a local food bank.
Our team actively encourages career interest from a young age.
ESD Michigan Regional National Engineers Week
OHM Advisors employees gather together for a walk in support of the National Kidney Foundation.