Collaborative Water Data Analytics

At OHM Advisors, we take water modeling seriously. So much so that we invested in H2Ometrics, a cloud-based software company that creates smart water and sewer systems by utilizing time-series measurements from existing data sources like metering, telemetry and SCADA.

The H2Ometrics vision is that utilities that make effective use of their data will be better operated, run more efficiently and provide better services. With H2Ometrics, data will be better operated, ran more efficiently and ultimately allow us to provide better services to you, our clients.

Our vision is to assits utilities in making effective use of their data

"Our customers have direct access to all of the data for their community. They just pick the data and time period they want to look at and there it is. They can see usage trends or track down a potential problem right away."
Tim Prince, PE - Manager, Water, Pump and Sewer Systems, Oakland County Water Resources Commissioner’s Office

H2Ometrics Cloud Tools

Municipalities collect data – sewer, water and climatological – from a myriad of sources: meters, sensors, and devices in their water and sewer systems. H2Ometrics securely collects the data and stores it in the cloud, so utility managers can visualize, collaborate, monitor your system – and more. H2Ometrics works with any time-series measurement: flow, depth, level, pressure, temperature, rainfall, chemical concentrations.

Data Visualization: Seeing is Understanding

When you have hundreds of thousands of data points on a spreadsheet, it can be hard to see the big picture. That’s why H2Ometrics is packed with powerful visualization tools: it’s fast and easy to see exactly what’s happening in your system.

Fast Access

H2Ometrics makes it easy to get the data you need to monitor your system’s performance. Municipalities and utilities are generating thousands, millions and even billions of points of water and sewer data. Traditional software tools are slow; it might take minutes just to see the data on your screen.

H2Ometrics harnesses the cloud to securely store all of that data, along with powerful browsers to quickly perform the visualizations, metrics, and analyses – all lightning fast.

Smart Alerts

With H20metrics, you can receive automated smart alerts delivered right to your mobile device when something has occurred in your system. From daily status summaries to triggered alerts when your flows exceed a set threshold to mobile plots charting the flow for the day to determine if action is needed.

Intelligent Edits

Accurately edit your data with advanced time series projection techniques. Sanitary sewer systems behave differently during dry periods than during wet periods.

H2Ometrics has several tools to make dry-weather and wet-weather edits – can creates transparency and accuracy for utilities using meter-based billing for its customers.

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Project Spotlight

Sanitary Sewer Wet Weather Evaluation | Ann Arbor, MI

Evaluation of the effectiveness of footing drain disconnection program

The City retained OHM Advisors to perform an evaluation of the effectiveness of their footing drain disconnection (FDD) program and develop alternatives for improving the sanitary system. Our approach included flow metering, FDD effectiveness evaluation, hydrologic modeling, hydraulic modeling, capacity assessment, alternative evaluation, and an extensive public engagement program.

Because of the complexities of evaluating wet weather flows in a sanitary sewer system caused by varying wetness conditions, our approach included a robust evaluation of the FDD effectiveness comprised of three scientific methods of evaluating the flows. These three methods provided a valid, scientific method of evaluating the FDD effectiveness that account for varying wetness conditions on the flows.

"The power of the web and cloud data storage make collaborative water analytics possible now. Municipalities and authorities can manage water, sewer, stormwater, rainfall and surface water data through the web and their mobile devices. That has a huge impact on managing water supply and staffing needs in the short term and on infrastructure design in the long term."
John Hiltz, PE - President, OHM Advisors

Technical Expertise

Robert Czachorski, PE, Senior Project Manager

A trailblazer in a tie – that’s Robert Czachorski. Robert has 20+ years of experience in consulting with a primary focus on water resources and municipal engineering. He has been a project manager for dozens of water resources projects and has been the client representative for some of OHM Advisors’ largest accounts.

A nationally recognized expert in wet weather issues and sanitary collection systems, Robert has performed water and sewer studies for over 40 Midwest municipal utility systems. In 2006 he co-founded i3D Technologies (now H20metrics), a company that provides smart water and sewer web-based software tools for municipal use.