Stormwater Management

Protect and Restore

Nature’s resources are finite. The protection and restoration of precious water resources and delicate ecological systems is the focus of our watershed management and green design team. We can take the lead on a variety of stormwater challenges – assisting with your project’s permitting, funding, analysis, and design.

  • Rolling Hills County Park Improvements | Ypsilanti Township, MI

    Extensive improvements to the 365-acre park, including design of an onsite stormwater management system to treat and contain runoff

  • Galloway Creek Restoration | Auburn Hills, MI

    Stormwater best management practices utilized to remedy environmental impacts caused by significant development in wetland area

  • Malletts Creek Streambank Restoration | Ann Arbor, MI

    Rehabilitation reduced loading into the Huron River watershed and improved ecosystem diversity

  • Stormwater Retrofits for City-Owned Properties | Auburn Hills, MI

    Identification of stormwater retrofit opportunities, with the goal to reduce runoff quantity and improve quality through enhanced infiltration and filtration

  • Whispering Willows | Livonia, MI

    Wetland creation and regional detention basin enhancements eliminate severe bank erosion

  • "Green Street" Reconstruction | Village of Pinckney, MI

    First ‘green street’ in Livingston County incorporates porous pavers, bioretention basins, and bioinfiltration trenches to capture stormwater runoff

  • Taft and Bishop Basins | Novi, MI

    Redesign of regional in-line detention basins to enhance in-stream habitat value, provide additional attenuation and minimize operation/maintenance requirements

Modeling and Analysis

Modeling and analysis of water resource systems in the environment is a core focus of the Environmental Water Resources group here at OHM Advisors. We specialize in water systems, separate and combined sewer systems, stormwater and drainage systems, and natural waterways, such as rivers, streams, and lakes.

This highly technical group of experts continually push the limits with new technologies and tools to find solutions to the most complicated issues by using data-calibrated models.

Over the years OHM Advisors has been involved in a number of hydraulic modeling projects for stormwater drainage, control facilities, and master planning. We have a team of engineers ready to meet your water resource needs for hydraulic modeling.

“There are no ‘cookie-cutter’ fixes here at OHM Advisors. I thrive on the challenge of understanding a community’s challenges and tailoring a customized stormwater management solution that delivers an impact for the greater good.”
Nancy Russell, EIT - Engineer


Sustainable design, floodplain management and storm water quality all pose unique challenges to municipalities at various stages of master planning and community growth. Our team can aid your infrastructure decision making process by modeling multiple scenarios to ensure that cost-effective and functional solutions are on the table for consideration.

MS4 Stormwater Assistance
Stormwater Master Plans
Watershed Management Plans
Hydraulic and Hydrologic Modeling
Flood Plain Analysis

Sustainable Infrastructure

Additional Services

Infrastructure Asset Management
Funding Programs
Construction Administration and Engineering
 Stream Restoration Analysis and Design
Detention Ponds, Culverts and Bridges
Stormwater Collection System Design
Permitting (Local, State and Federal)
H2Ometrics Water Data Analytics
Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

Technical Expertise

Greg Kacvinsky, PE, Project Manager

Greg Kacvinsky has extensive experience in water resources engineering, focusing on watershed master planning, sewer system design, combined sewer system analysis, floodplain studies, capital improvement program development, and regulatory assistance. He also assists clients with program funding options, including stormwater utility implementation and business planning for local enterprise funds.

Greg routinely presents at regional and national conferences on infrastructure and engineering issues relating wet weather phenomena. He has also developed and taught several one-day seminars using EPA SWMM to model stormwater BMPs and to use this modeling tool to quantify and demonstrate impacts on stormwater quality.

Project Spotlight

Malletts Creek and County Farm Drain Restoration | Washtenaw County, MI

Malletts Creek streambank restoration in Ann Arbor featured Stormwater Management projectMalletts Creek is a warm water stream with a highly urbanized 11 square mile watershed. As much of the stream flows through Ann Arbor, it was plagued by flashy flows, eroding/bare stream banks and low base flows prior to restoration. A two-mile rehabilitation of the creek and one of its larger tributaries, County Farm Drain, stabilized the creek, reduced loading into the Huron River watershed and improved ecosystem diversity.

Rehabilitation measures included slight stream widening, excavation for bank full shelves, boulder and coir fiber log bank toe protection, and native vegetation bank stabilization including the planting of over 33,000 live stakes. Vane arms and cross vanes were also installed at key locations; providing additional bank protection and in-stream habitat. In addition, a wetland-storm water storage area was built within County Farm Park to improve water quality downstream while adding ecosystem diversity within the park.

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