Construction Engineering

Constructing Project Excellence

We understand that effective road and highway construction engineering and management are essential for successful infrastructure project completion. It’s why we’re on the ground during construction – fielding questions from the community, monitoring closely and advising on behalf of the owner. The most complicated challenges are no obstacle for our experienced staff – even when time is in short supply.

Whatever you’re building, wherever you’re building it, our construction teams take your project through to the finish, delivering a safe and efficient project site.


  • Interceptor Drain Repair | Oakland / Macomb Counties

    $160M rehab program designed to restore the structural integrity of the OMID sewer system, serving approx. 833,000 residents and rate payers

  • Huron / Nixon Construction | Ann Arbor, MI

    Roundabout and road improvements to improve intersection's safety, aesthetics and efficiency of major intersection near U. of Michigan research park

  • Blue Water Bridge | Port Huron, MI

    Construction engineering and oversight on pivotal international bridge in northern Michigan

  • Elevated Water Tower | Farmington Hills, MI

    This 3 MG elevated storage tank is the largest of its kind in Michigan and fills during times of lower system demand to save energy and improve water pressure

  • Hix Road Bridge Replacement | Westland, MI

    Identification of funding allowed for complete replacement of this economical, durable three-sided arch structure

Your Trusted Partner

Survey and Construction Administration – the alpha and the omega of construction. Even before groundbreaking, we’re defining and preparing a site with the latest, most accurate equipment. It’s our faces that the community sees on a daily basis.

It’s their best interests that guide us. From the field team supervisor who gives his cell phone number to every resident before construction begins on a neighborhood project, to the engineer that keeps the DOT project manager informed every step of the way, our proactive approach ensures quality and satisfaction.

Project Spotlight

Complete construction engineering services for U.S. portion of international Blue Water Bridge repair and replacementBlue Water Bridge | Port Huron, MI

The Blue Water Bridge spans nearly a mile across the St. Clair River and carries international traffic between Michigan and Canada. Upkeep is shared by both countries, each maintaining approximately half of the structure. OHM Advisors was hired to perform construction engineering work on the U.S. portion of the 1930’s-era bridge.

Job specifics include repair and replacement of expansion and construction joints, removal of deck patches and HMA surface, hydro-demolition, deck patching, replacement and repair of brush blocks and a shallow concrete overlay, using silica fume modified concrete (SMFC). A unique component of this project was the coordination and communication between the U.S. and the Canadian project teams, ensuring that work was completed in a synchronized manner.

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Our engineers and technologists combine talent, know-how and experience to manage, inspect and document your project to completion



Craig Dashner, PE, Construction Manager

As a manager in the construction group, Craig is focused on large projects for cities, counties and agencies throughout the state. Outside of OHM Advisors, he advances the profession by lending his expertise as the lead structural specialist for Michigan Task Force 1, an Urban Search and Rescue Group. He uses his structural expertise and cool-headed leadership skills to evaluate collapsed and partially collapsed structures and direct necessary shoring to keep the rescue workers as safe as possible during rescue missions.

Craig has been involved with Urban Search and Rescue (USAR) for over 15 years and has participated in several incidents to lend structural expertise to the rescue operations. His USAR involvement led to participation with Trench Shoring, and he has worked closely with the Michigan Urban Search and Rescue Training foundation to refine trench shoring techniques and standards.