Asset Management

Maximizing Resources and Minimizing Risks

Whether it’s roads, utilities, or buildings, planning for future use and management of your assets is a comprehensive strategy – not just a numbers game.

Our collective, value-based infrastructure management process balances cost-based investment decisions with performance and value. We utilize existing information right away and collect tons of additional data for our analyses. And we help make decisions not just on minimum service levels, but explore innovative approaches to improve service delivery by involving all stakeholders – not just decision makers.

The end gain? Smarter spending and improved service delivery.

Roadmap to Strategic Asset Management

We understand the challenges you, our clients, face managing aging assets, higher demands for service, and doing more with less. And we’re here to be your trusted resource for managing your infrastructure, from below ground to the built environment, including:

Your trusted resource for planning and asset management assistance

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System Inventory
Condition Assessment

Analysis and Forecasting
Level of Service

Risk and Prioritization
Rate Sufficiency
Geospatial Decision Making / GIS Services
Capital Improvement Planning and Project Prioritization
Funding Strategy and Gap Analysis

Asset Management Software Integration
Sustainability Assessment and Planning

Asset and Funding Optimization Modeling

Technical Expertise

 Murat Ulasir, Infrastructure Asset Planning Specialist

As an infrastructure asset planning specialist, Murat provides assistance to communities for developing long range infrastructure planning and investment strategies, which support a well-planned and maintained infrastructure network that is sustainable and enhances local community character and identity. His expertise spans a wide variety of Infrastructure Asset Planning services including infrastructure modeling, master planning, and capital improvement planning, as well as developing asset management programs.

Driven by the desire to provide clients the simplest answers to complex questions, Murat has developed processes and applications to assist municipalities with permitting, infrastructure asset management plans, and infrastructure management prioritization. His passion for asset management extends to the speaking circuit, where he regularly presents at industry forums to shed light on technically complex concepts.

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A Different Approach

We believe that a set of reliable results in a short time are more valuable to you than the promise of a comprehensive results after an expensive and very long time. This philosophy is foundational to our value-driven program approach, which can provide results in just a fraction of the time. Meaning? You can start to budget, plan and prepare your community for the future sooner.

Asset Management Process

Our unique, value-driven program approach emphasizes continuous delivery of reliable results
in short periods of time so that strong, institutional momentum is gradually built and strengthened.

A unique, value-driven asset management approach

Project Spotlight

Ypsilanti Community Utilities Authority (YCUA) Wastewater Asset Management Plan | Ypsilanti, MI

Our asset management experts provide a host of innovative solutions and guide wise lifecycle investment decisionsThe Ypsilanti Community Utilities Authority (YCUA) desired to achieve a long-term funding structure for its sanitary sewer collection system that is equitable, defensible, and optimized with long-term capital and O&M needs of its system. Enter OHM Advisors. To achieve these objectives, our team provided a host of services, most notably including:

  • Inventory of manholes, pump stations & sanitary sewer assets
  • Condition assessment
  • Development of emergency by-pass pumping plan
  • Computerized maintenance management software (CMMS) implementation
  • Criticality of assets
  • Long-term funding & capital improvement plan
  • Public engagement around transition to meter-based billing system
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