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A Geographic Information System, or GIS, is only as good as the data behind it. We have the tools, skills, and knowledge to empower communities to help make better, more informed decisions. We think differently in the way we design solutions for each of our clients, taking in to account individual needs and desires and delivering services that provide the best return on your investment.

Whether it’s arriving at a fire and being able to locate a hydrant buried under a foot of snow, or tracking service orders in real-time, we give our clients the power to quickly do things they never imagined possible. If you have no idea what GIS can do for you, we can show you. If you think you know what GIS can do for you, we can show you how to do more. If you know GIS, we can work with you to optimize and enhance your system to expand your capabilities and increase efficiency, saving you time and money.

  • Stormwater and Sanitary Sewer System | Harrisville, MI

    PACP and MACP inventory and assessment of storm and sanitary systems aided the City of Harrisville in designing a robust asset management plan

  • Streetlight Inventory and Assessment | Ann Arbor, MI

    Assessment of light poles along city streets in Ann Arbor, interpolating the data to determine conditions of all city-owned light poles

  • Stormwater System Creation | Saginaw County, MI

    Stormwater system GIS to give the Saginaw County Road Commission a vision of their assets, enabling strategic spending of maintenance funds

  • Bridge Sign Inventory | State of Michigan

    Photographic inventory of street signs along Michigan Department of Transportation roadways to enable quicker sign replacement and determine need for new signage

  • Streetlight Inventory and Assessment | Romulus, MI

    Located and assessed light poles along public roadways at Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport to intelligently prioritize asset management resources

  • System Analysis & Upgrades | Livingston County, MI

    Analyzed existing GIS, developed routine maintenance applications, and established work order management system for MHOG Sewer and Water Utilities.

  • ArcGIS Online Maps | Orion Township, MI

    Online viewing applications using ArcGIS Online to internally view GIS data, as well as a publicly-available zoning map to allow citizens to investigate zoning data

Flexible Service Solutions

When we partner with communities, our services range from advising clients with an existing GIS to designing a GIS from the ground-up – and everything in-between.

Our holistic approach involves analyzing existing systems to understand how a community currently uses or wants to use GIS, determining what current and future GIS needs are, and designing a plan based on the best value for the community.

Innovative Solutions Anywhere, Anytime

Geospatial solutions are now more affordable than ever with the web mapping capabilities of ArcGIS Online. Not only can you enable anyone in your organization to leverage the power of your data, now you can easily empower your community to harness the power of GIS.

No matter where your data is hosted, we can work with you to bring your ideas to the masses. With ArcGIS Online and OHM Advisors, the power of mapping can be just a click away.

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Mike Cousins, GISP, GIS Manager

Mike Cousins, GISP, GIS ManagerAs our firm’s lead technical GIS expert, Mike specializes in the areas of GIS, infrastructure and asset management, environmental planning, hydrology, and floodplain management. The benefits of GIS technology within municipal government and public organizations has driven Mike’s desire to understand the spatial and attribute components to public assets, such as utilities and natural features, along with infrastructure and asset management.

In his role as GIS Manager, Mike is responsible for the direction and oversight of our GIS group, including the mentoring and training of six dedicated GIS team members. Mike also serves as the Information & Technology leader of our asset management team, championing all geospatial components of asset management plans.

Augmented Reality: Our New Reality

Ever future-focused and tapped into Smart Cities best practices, we recently embarked on a path to equip our multidisciplinary experts with cutting-edge augmented reality technology. Read about our innovative use of various augmented reality solutions that can be used in the field, in the office, and when meeting with clients.

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“We have been most pleased that OHM has assisted us in making GIS accessible and user friendly for our field and office staff to gather data and more accurately and efficiently carry out their essential utility functions which has resulted in improved maintenance of the system and customer service for the rate payers.”
Greg Tatara - Utility Director; Marion, Howell, Oceola and Genoa Sewer and Water Authority

Accurate Solutions to Complex Challenges

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Project Spotlights

System Analysis and Upgrades | Livingston County, MI

MHOG System Analysis and UpgradeWith no in-house staff, Marion, Howell, Oceola, and Genoa (MHOG) Sewer and Water Utilities wanted to expand its capabilities, but was limited by the knowledge and necessary experience. Enter OHM Advisors’ team of GIS experts, who conducted an analysis and evaluation of the existing GIS database and made recommendations on how to improve MHOG’s GIS capabilities.

We developed routine maintenance applications, setup an ArcGIS server for MHOG to host its own data, prepared the database for integration into a map-based work order system, and established viewer maps for MHOG staff to access their data without requiring GIS software training. OHM Advisors continues to provide system support as needed to MHOG.

Streetlight Inventory and Analysis | Ann Arbor, MI

The City of Ann Arbor partnered with OHM Advisors to gain insight on the condition of its network of more than 2,100 streetlights. A new, customized rating system was created to efficiently quantify both the overall condition of the assets and the conditions of the individual components of the streetlights. The data collection processed involved analyzing existing GIS data, identify gaps in the data, and inventorying and evaluating nearly 1,500 streetlights using a tablet-based form application. Over 8,500 photographs were taken during data collection.

With data collection complete, analysis of the data consisted of evaluating the ratings of the inventoried assets and rating non-inventoried streetlights based on the evaluation of nearby streetlights. Using industry data and establishing data-driven criteria, our team appropriately defined the remaining life for luminaires, poles, foundations, and wiring. The information gathered from the condition assessment empowered the City to prioritize streetlight repair and replacement.

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