Ohio Lead and Copper Rules

Revisions to Ohio Drinking Water Standards and Lead and Copper Rules

The Ohio Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has adopted amended rules governing Ohio’s primary drinking water standards and Lead and Copper rules. The new rules, which took effect May 1, 2018, impact public drinking water systems with revised standards for lead and copper monitoring, more timely public notification of monitoring results, and optimized corrosion control treatment.

Our experts have taken the initiative to provide a synopsis of these new rules which require communities to take action on a variety of fronts. Below are links to view effective drinking water rules by applicable subject matter.

Ohio EPA Division of Drinking and Ground Waters Updates

OHM Advisors is committed to staying on top of Ohio’s updated drinking water rules and policies. We understand the confusion and uncertainty these updates may have for your community. Our water resource experts have reviewed the rule revisions and identified those with the biggest impact to communities and their residents.

The major changes pertain to the broad categories of:

  • Sample collection
  • Annual water quality analysis
  • Reporting
  • Public notice and education
  • Lead service line and water main replacement
  • Record keeping

Click here to review the major changes and applicable timelines.

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Stacey Faile leads OHM Advisors' Ohio water resources efforts



Stacey Faile, PE
Water Resources Expert

Effective Ohio Administrative Code (OAC) Rules

Below are links to complete, in-depth referenced information of applicable rules found in the update detailing new Ohio EPA drinking water mandates. For a full, complete list of all effective Ohio Administrative Code rules administered by the Ohio EPA Division of Drinking and Ground Waters, click here.

Primary Drinking Water Standards

3745-81-85: Control of Lead and Copper – Public Education, Supplemental Monitoring Requirements and Consumer Notification of Results

3745-81-86: Control of Lead and Copper – Monitoring Requirements for Lead and Copper in Tap Water

3745-81-87: Control of Lead and Copper – Monitoring Requirements for Water Quality Parameters

3745-81-89: Analytical Methods

3745-81-90: Control of Lead and Copper – Reporting and Record Keeping Requirements

Laboratory Certification

3745-89-08: Reporting of Analytical Results

Consumer Confidence Reports