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We respect your ability to use our logo for good and not evil. By downloading the logo, you accept the terms of usage. The examples below demonstrate permissible placements of the logo for approved uses.

OHM Advisors' logos are one of its most valuable assets and a form of intellectual property. The OHM Advisors logo may be used by OHM Advisors' Partners and Client Entities for official OHM Advisors purposes in the manner prescribed by OHM Advisors see Rules of Policy and Procedure.



To download, right-click on the logo, chose "Save Target As..." in Internet Explorer from the pop-up menu and save image file to desired location on your computer.

As part of the OHM Advisors Corporate Identity System, the colors orange, yellow, red and grey have been chosen to represent OHM Advisors. To ensure consistency and to avoid confusion, only one of the following color systems should be used:Match the colors using the Pantone Matching System (PMS)


OHM Advisors RED: PMS 1815 C
OHM Advisors YELLOW: PMS 124 C

OHM Advisors ORANGE: PMS 1595 C

OHM Advisors GREY: PMS Warm Gray 11

For one-color print publications, the logo and signature may print in the same color as the text, or as a reverse. For one-color printing on merchandise and promotional items, the logo must print in Orange (PMS 1595 C), black, white or as a reverse. For four-color process materials, match the colors using the following equations:

OHM Advisors RED: C:0,M:90, Y:100, K:51
OHM Advisors YELLOW: C:0, M28, Y:100, K:6
OHM Advisors ORANGE: C:0, M:59, Y:100, K:5
OHM Advisors GREY: C:0, M:17, Y:34, K:62

For two-color materials in which PMS 1595 C is not used, the logo must be printed in the color used to print text or as a reverse. If the logo appears as a reverse in a field, the field may print in either color but must be consistent with the rules of reversing.


The Helvetica Neue family is the official signature typeface. It was chosen to complement the OHM Advisors logotype, which is based on the Helvetica font, with which this paragraph is set.