Cardinal Health Corporate Headquarters

An open, collaborative workplace design supports corporate culture for a Fortune 100 company while providing a 250,000 square foot "carrot" to attract and retain top talent.

A corporate campus expansion that blends in while standing out.

The largest company in Ohio by revenue, Cardinal Health is constantly growing. For its business to thrive over the years, the global healthcare conglomerate has not only needed more, but better, office space. The kind that can support and enhance a strong corporate culture while attracting and inspiring a new generation of workers.

As a long-term partner in Cardinal Health’s growth, OHM Advisors completed the facility site assessment and master plan for the business’ 30-acre corporate campus back in the ‘90s. Even back then we were thinking about future expansion. So when the time came for the company to add on in 2009, it already had a footprint allotted for a new $50 million, 250,000 square foot office building.

They looked to us. Our challenge: to create a building that blends seamlessly with the existing traditional facilities on campus while creating the kind of modern work environment that engages employees and compels them to give 110% every day.

Thinking Differently

Seamless campus integration with beneficial design modifications.

From the outside, the new building looks like it has been there since day one. The exterior details, including the color and variation of the brick, match those of the original building perfectly. But we made some design modifications to simplify construction, reduce costs, and minimize the building’s scale. By being careful stewards of our client’s money, Cardinal Health achieved the unified and cohesive campus aesthetic it wanted without having to spend more than necessary on the project.

Fostering collaboration and wellness.

The new building may look like its older counterparts on the outside. But the interior showcases our unique approach to workplaces of the future. Informal meeting areas and non-traditional workspaces create a progressive, open environment that inspires creative thinking. Smaller, two-to-four-person huddle spaces, complete with integrated technology, dot the facility, encouraging collaboration and creating a sense of intimacy within the larger space. Convenience and lifestyle options—including a cafeteria, fitness facility, coffee shop, pharmacy, and credit union—complete the experience and further solidify Cardinal Health’s commitment to employee productivity and wellbeing.

Maximizing efficiency.

Cardinal Health’s new office building was the first in Dublin, Ohio, to receive LEED certification. Beyond respecting the environment, our design maximized energy performance and reduced operating and maintenance costs, providing a substantial payback. Some of the strategic design recommendations included using metal and membrane roofs to reduce the heat island effect and designing the site to meet LEED Stormwater Management credits. We also used natural ponds with native plantings to minimize the impact of parking lot runoff, and we incorporated walking paths into the site to encourage alternative transportation.

Reimagining existing spaces.

Since completing the design for the new office building, we’ve continued to help Cardinal Health define its leading-edge workspace via several renovation projects within the campus’ original buildings. Recently, we renovated an existing central lobby and designed a 5,744 square foot addition to serve as a new Client Experience Center. As the primary welcome center for visitors, it includes large exhibition space and an executive conference center. Through significant design updates, this project and others have helped infuse the innovative flavor of the new building’s interior into the older side of campus. The updates create a consistent brand language and foster a stronger connection between the two sides of campus.

"We want (employees) to use the entire building as their work area. It will encourage collaboration and creativity."  
Marino Colatruglio - Vice President, Global Workplace & Corporate Real Estate, Cardinal Health

Awards and Honors


Advancing Communities

Cardinal Health is just one example of the culture-infused, green workspaces that have become our specialty. In fact, the IGS Energy Corporate Campus, a headquarters we planned and designed just down the street from Cardinal, is another example of using innovative design to help build staff comradery while decreasing the company’s environmental footprint. To meet the energy company’s needs, we created a visually transparent space to maximize daylight and encourage staff interaction. And we helped the building become the first and the largest commercial building in central Ohio to achieve LEED-NC Platinum certification.

Projects like these not only benefit the companies that invest in them; they enhance entire communities. They set the example for respecting the environment and conserving resources. And they show how innovative workspaces can enhance and improve the quality of work life for the individuals who work there.


Project Highlights

  • Multi-tiered dining facility that doubles as a large “town hall” for presentations
  • Full-service cafeteria
  • Coffee/snack shop
  • 12,000 square foot fitness facility with locker rooms and showers
  • Credit union
  • Clinic with pharmacy
  • Outdoor dining terrace
  • Enclosed steel and glass walkway to connect the new building with the old
  • 62 television screens scattered throughout the building for disseminating information
  • Private walking paths that tie into the larger community pedestrian system

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