At OHM Advisors, we don't just need thinkers; we need dreamers. We want collaborators. Partners who immerse themselves in the worlds of our clients and those they serve.

Do you believe in magic?

At OHM Advisors, we’re uber passionate about what we do and care about people in our communities – especially where we live and work. With a singular mission of Advancing Communities, we believe in making a difference.

Our passion for creating great places for people drives and defines us. It challenges us to think differently, fuels intense collaboration with our clients and each other, and makes this organization – this OHM Advisors family – special. It’s why we give 110% every day and actively volunteer in our communities after the workday ends.

When we recognize this kind of passion in others, we get excited. Because we know that when it’s combined with the existing creative talents and holistic mindset of our mission-driven team, it’s magic. And that’s the difference between simply working for an architecture, engineering and planning firm or being a part of our award-winning community advancement firm.

"My proudest accomplishment is my trip to Ecuador with AWWA Michigan, which OHM Advisors helped support. I got to advance communities at the most basic level. It's nice to work for a company that supports voluntary work that aligns with our mission."
Jessica Howard - Project Engineer

Our Culture

The culture that lives within our walls?

It’s shaped by our mission and our core values, which are at the heart of our business practices and philosophies. As a member of our team, you’ll work with innovative thinkers who view success as creating great places for people. As a firm, we look to the future and challenge the expected in an effort to do the right thing for our clients.

Our staff has a high level of responsibility and freedom to carve out individual career paths, express ideas, and enact change within our organization and beyond. Whether your passion is to collaborate on cutting-edge work, pursue corporate ownership, develop a niche expertise, or become a trusted advisor, we strive to empower, encourage, and guide you.

Many of our team members – too many to count, actually – are deeply involved with their communities and industry organizations. Whether it’s holding an elected position, helping first responders prepare guidelines for safety and procedure in times of structural disaster, or leading hundreds of volunteers to clean up a local river, these commitments are unique, long-standing and deeply personal to our staff.

Something else that’s unique to OHM Advisors? A high percentage of athletes on staff. Does being an athlete make you a better team member? Not by itself, but people who’ve played sports competitively tend to share certain characteristics. Teamwork, commitment, and dedication are part of their nature.

"Our culture of teamwork and collaboration drives innovation. The integration of services across the company allows our clients access to the full range of our expertise and experience. That, in my mind, is the coolest thing about working here."
Bob Pelosi, PE - Project Manager


This is a  Pretty “Cool Place”  to Work!

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We've got something special.

And the world has taken notice.
Your personal and professional growth is important to us.
Advancement Opportunities

As a growing multidisciplinary organization, we provide varied opportunities for career advancement. If you’ve got the talent, drive, and passion, there’s a path for you here. A future president or owner can advance from any branch of our organization – from Finance to Architecture. We appreciate people who spearhead new initiatives within the firm or actively take steps to promote themselves as industry leaders.

OHM Grad School

Geared toward OHM Advisors' next generation of leaders, OHM Grad School provides enrollees with opportunities to become stronger leaders, expand knowledge of the firm’s operations, and earn education credits for professional certification requirements. Focused curriculum for the structured 12-month program complements existing professional development and staff engagement opportunities.

Supportive Work Environment

“Work” and “life” are not mutually exclusive. Together, they impact personal happiness, job satisfaction, and productivity. We make every effort to provide our staff – our greatest asset – with tools, mentorship, and resources to help them win at work and life. Examples include technologies for alternative work arrangements and an Employee Assistance Program.

Ongoing Training Seminars

Continuously-evolving in-house training opportunities offer general skill building. These programs include software training, technical skills training, site safety training, as well as topics like interviewing, diversity awareness, retirement planning, project management, meeting facilitation, goal setting and professional service liability.

Family Atmosphere

We're more than a great company. We're a family. We strive to create an environment where everyone feels engaged, energized and supported as individuals. We have a high level of participation in intramural sports and other extracurricular activities. Our company events, such as picnics and holiday parties, are family-friendly and well-attended.

Employee Wellness Program

In addition to encouraging your professional growth and personal connections, we support lifelong wellness. From firm-sponsored fitness challenges, free or discounted health screenings and immunizations, to regular webinars on healthy lifestyle practices, we strive to provide opportunities to be the healthiest you.

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