The Advancing Communities Show: Sustainability – Convergence of Nature, Society & Technology

Sustainability is quite the ubiquitous buzzword these days. But at OHM Advisors, it’s a forward-thinking, holistic approach that is integrated into everything we do.

This ever-evolving global initiative has many different components and is defined many different ways. In this episode of The Advancing Communities Show, we level set on sustainability – what it is and why it matters. We cover the biggest impacts to the practice of sustainability, address widespread misconceptions and discuss trends to watch.

Join Paul Bierman-Lytle, recognized industry expert and leader of our integrated sustainability solutions practice, in the first of several thought-provoking podcast discussions on the topic of sustainability.

Tune in to discover positive, balanced solutions and the steps you can take – now – to work toward a sustainable future.


Transcript: The Advancing Communities Show – Sustainability The Convergence of Nature, Society & Technology

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