Sustainability Spotlight: ‘Green’ Asset Management Planning

Asset management programs improve community decision-making about its assets – think water treatment facilities, sewer lines, roads and bridges – to more effectively manage both existing and future assets. Including sustainability practices into an asset management plan leads to cost savings, innovative solutions and environmental benefits.

Day Five: Murat Ulasir and Jeannette Patterson team up to discuss the collaborative relationship between infrastructure asset management and sustainability. Hear how communities advance in big ways when sustainable design is integrated into the very fabric of asset management planning, not to be thought of as a separate, stand-alone discipline.

About our experts: Murat Ulasir, PhD, infrastructure asset planning practice lead, assists communities in developing long-range infrastructure planning and investment strategies. Jeannette Patterson, ISSP-SA, project manager, is a newly certified sustainability professional who passionately weaves sustainability into all of our disciplines.


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