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Hancock, MI Master Plan Puts Sustainability at the Forefront 0

Sustainability Spotlight: Hancock, MI Master Plan

The Hancock, MI Master Plan is one of the first in Michigan developed with sustainability and resiliency at the forefront. This holistic approach ensures that, despite economic, environmental and social challenges, the city’s best years are still ahead and hold the...


Sustainability: It’s Personal

As part of Earth Week 2017, all week long we’ll share videos of our experts talking sustainability and highlighting green projects. Day One: Hear what sustainability means to these OHMers and the value it brings...

Flow Metering 101 1

Flow Metering 101: A Guide to Measuring Flow

Introduction Flow is the volume of fluid that passes in a unit of time. In water resources, flow is often measured in units of cubic feet per second (cfs), cubic meters per second (cms),...